Our Story

Our love letter to you is coming soon…stay tuned. But in the meantime here’s a little introduction to us:

We’re an eatery and juice & smoothie bar where healthy and delicious live happily in blissful balance. We believe in eating with a purpose. Food to heal. Food to nourish. Food to conquer cravings. There are infinite possibilities for living a plant-powered, whole-food, nutrient-dense lifestyle and we’re here to help!

Each of our recipes are mindfully designed to nurture all aspects of YOU, allowing you to discover your most vibrant self. Serving delicious and deeply soul-nourishing food, handcrafted daily in house, from scratch, we will help you on your path to greater health and wellness.

We’ve seen first hand exactly how awesomely transformational small shifts in eating habits and exercise can be for people’s health. You can’t help but see, taste and feel the difference our food has on your body and mind. The changes you’ll experience will be so undeniable that you’ll never want to eat artificial food again.

We believe that with our passion and experience we will inspire you to make better, healthy choices. To eat cleaner, to live more vibrantly, to laugh a hell of a lot more, and to make choices that will improve your quality of life. And what an amazing life it is!