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Why Bliss?

What drives us is the power of real food. We believe in living life as vibrantly as possible, and always starting each day with a grateful heart. We are believers in consuming soul-nourishing food and drinks that are nutrient dense, unique, and delicious. We are plant-strong warriors who are driven by food with purpose, delivered to you with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and spirit. We believe in living blissfully in every way, for us that means yoga, hiking, travelling and eating real food. We wholeheartedly believe in miracles and that every person can not only find their bliss, but can crack it wide open!

Our Mission

Who are we?

Made in Waterdown, Ontario, every day.
Our vision is simple – we want to create fresh plant-based nutrition, and improve the everyday lives of our community, in a welcoming environment.
We are fiercely committed to use only delicious, unprocessed, real ingredients in all of our purposefully created juices, smoothies, wraps, burgers, salads, and desserts that are all made in house from top to bottom.
We are incredibly excited about bringing blissful soul-nourishing food and drink to all of Hamilton and the greater Toronto area, and cannot wait to eat with you!

Our Story

Why Juices and Smoothies


Food is fuel and the easier it is for our bodies to digest and utilize our food, the more energy we gain from it. Juicing and blending is a way to fuel your body and maintain the most energy possible, giving your body a bit of a vacation…who doesn’t love a good vacation from time to time?


Freeing your body of toxins and chemicals just got easier. By intelligently combining ingredients in juices an smoothies you can facilitate a beautiful cleansing effect, flushing yourself of the bad shit and absorbing the good.


Juicing is the fastest way to get a giant punch of nutrients into your body. Each of our juices are packed with 3-5 pounds of nutrient rich produce that will reach all of your organs within 15 minutes. Smoothies are the next fastest boost of health in a cup, packed with nutrients AND the fibre needed to help keep you full longer.

Food With Purpose


So many studies have been done to show the direct relationship between the food we eat and our happiness levels. If we consider that our food fuels us, fills us, and heals us, then it’s appropriate to agree that the food we eat can also deeply affect our mind. And the best part is that we don’t have to deprive ourselves of our favourite foods, we just need to shift our perspective about food and make healthier substitutions for the unhealthy counterparts – and that’s exactly what we’re all about!


Food is meant to heal, not harm, but unfortunately in the age of convenience we’ve been eating packaged foods that are causing us more harm than good. That’s where we come in – bringing you conveniently quick and delicious meals that also HEAL. Filling the need of our busy lives with the ability to work full time, take Rachel to hockey practice, and Hunter to dance class and still serve not only yourself but also your family the very best food to heal them from the inside out.


We’ve got nothing to hide! Because all of our ingredients are whole, plant-based, and superhero-like we are proud of them and happy to inform you of every single ingredient in each part of each meal. We stand behind our choices in ingredients knowing that they have been specifically chosen for their nutrient value, their deliciousness, and for their purpose with regards to your health. If we wouldn’t eat it why would we make it for you?!